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Been told to touch grass recently? This lemony and woodsy tea will help cleanse the toxicity and refresh the spirit.

Perfect for those who spend long hours in front of a screen, this tea will help you touch grass without ever leaving your gaming chair! It's a strong blend of organic herbs and roots, including dandelion leaf, red clover, and lemongrass, making each sip a perfect antidote to the toxicity of modern life. Its natural essences are sure to transport you to a lemony woodsy wonderland, perfect for those who love to get lost in their imagination.

By sipping on Anti-toxicity tea, you'll not only feel refreshed and recharged, but you'll also be reminded to take breaks, stay hydrated, and practice self-care - all important elements in reducing toxicity and promoting kindness in the gamer subculture. So next time someone tells you to "touch grass," show them your cup of Anti-toxicity tea and say, "I already am, my friend!"

Essential flavours: Citrus & Woody

Servings: 20 cups per 50 gram pouch

Ingredients: Schisandra berries*, burdock root*, yellow dock root*, lemongrass*, dandelion leaf*, red clover*, natural essences* (*organic)

How to Brew?  Steep a spoonful at 100°C for 5 Mins for a light yellow infusion

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