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One Earl Grey to Rule Them All

One Earl Grey to Rule Them All

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Pop off with this rich Earl Grey infused with bergamot and sweet creamy notes. It's our precious!

Do you want a tea that's precious? One Earl Grey to Rule Them All is a luxurious tea blend that is too good to covet. The black tea base is full-bodied and malty, and the bergamot adds a refreshing and tangy citrusy note that is rounded out by an indulgent creamy nature. It pairs well with milk and sweeteners and is also delightful served black. So, whether voyaging with friends or challenging your inner demons, let this tea be your trusty companion on your quest for victory.

Essential flavours: Creamy, citrusy, malty

Servings: 20 cups per 50 gram pouch

Ingredients: Black tea*, orange peel*, cornflowers*, natural essences (*organic)

How to Brew? Steep a spoonful at 100°C for 2 min for a golden amber infusion

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