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Sunrise Over Hanamura

Sunrise Over Hanamura

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A celebratory sencha with subtle cherry and honey infusions that fill you with determination!

Start your day with a burst of optimism and renewal with Sunrise over Hanamura! Our sweetly aromatic green sencha tea blend is infused with pops of pink and white flower petals, rosehips, and cherry and honey flavours. This exquisite tea captures the essence of spring. We named this tea after one of the most beautiful FPS maps out there. It is simply gorgeous, and its inspirational nature will fuel your motivation to master any skill before you.

Essential flavours: Grassy, Cherry & Honey

Servings: 20 cups per 50 gram pouch

Ingredients: Green tea*, rosehips*, rose petals*, safflower, natural essences (*organic)

How to Brew? Steep a spoonful at 78°C for 2 min for a red amber infusion

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